About us

In a world where digital news is monopolised by inherently biased governments and big media corporations, independent media is too often diluted, fragmented and marginalised. We aggregate material from these smaller independent sources and publish the best and most pertinent content on a single, professionally curated platform for the public good.

How does D!SRUPT work?

Every week the top 100 articles from various independent sources are selected and published. Anyone can access the content. Members can ‘like’ and ‘share’ articles and can also submit their own recommendations on articles/sources for review. Membership is currently free.

How do you select your content?

Stories are aggregated from hundreds of independent news sources and blogs around the Web and then, together with member recommendations, filtered and curated by professional editors according to the D!SRUPT criteria to ensure quality, pertinence and accuracy.

Who’s behind D!SRUPT?

D!SRUPT is developed by a small team of digital creatives and journalists. It is funded by readers and not affiliated with any government or news corporation.

Where do you stand politically?

We ignore the traditional ‘Right-Centre-Left’ political spectrum. Our approach is simple: Question Everything, especially the dominant narratives.

What’s your vision?

We aim to facilitate a culture where open-minded enquiry, critical thinking a social conscious become the norm for everyone in society.